Brandon R. Reynolds

Brandon R. Reynolds

Brandon R. Reynolds is a cultural spelunker living in California & writing on how culture, science, art and politics all find one another in the way-down dark.

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LosAngeles Magazine

The Voice Actors Behind Video Game Characters Are Famous, but Also Nearly Invisible

This is what it’s like to have thousands of fans who don’t recognize you.

Breaking the Ice for Polar Science | KQED Science

An account of my journey to Antarctica with the Coast Guard's old semi-reliable icebreaker, Polar Star.

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Changing Minds

Advocates Reshape How We Think About Autism

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Comics Issue 2014: Letter from the Editor

In Which We Explain the Nature of Our Scheme

Modern Luxury

Everything Gone But the Water

What survived, and what didn't, when a wildfire tore through an ancient hot springs.

Kansas City Star

Farmers dig into the digital world

Getting farmers wired requires finding an interface for two different ways of life. On the one hand are most consumers, who work and play networked to one another by computer, smartphone or tablet. On the other are the farmers, who are mostly cut off, working in fields where cellphone signals can be weak.

Feature1 nostalgia article

Fires of the Past

Surrendering to the warm embrace of nostalgia.


Improving on Plain Old "Lighter Colored"

Researchers over at Berkeley Lab's Heat Island Group are experimenting with different pavement coatings on one of their parking lots to determine if they can cut down on the "heat island effect," wher...

Meet the Main Man Fighting Against California's Prop. 64 | Leafly

The lobbyist fighting Prop. 64 has been in the game a long time.


New Research Says It's About Spin

Even here, at the Great Big Awakening or the Sortofpocalypse or whatever it is the Mayans have been dragged in to predicting, still we are divided as a culture. We're sure not getting closer to some k...


Pushing Triclosan Out of Our Soaps and Cells

In August, the University of California at Davis published a study showing that triclosan, a commonly used antibacterial agent, weakens skeletal and cardiac muscle in mammals, and impairs swimming in ...

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Rise of the White Male Weenie: With "Silicon Valley," Mike Judge's ...

Rise of the White Male Weenie: With "Silicon Valley...

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Ten Years Later: Scott Aukerman and James Adomian Consider ...

Ten Years Later: Scott Aukerman and James Adomian C...